We’re joining the reuse revolution!

Emily Antoniadi
19th Sep 2016

We’re super excited here at Kin&Co to be working with reusable cup company KeepCup to help reduce the huge amount of waste created by disposable coffee cups.

After following Hugh’s War on Waste and the debate closely, we’d been actively searching for ways to move the needle on the issue. So when KeepCup got in touch, we were over the moon.

Not only do KeepCup products look great, but as a certified BCorp and completely purpose-led business the company is totally aligned with our values. Plus, the company’s credentials are insane – they now sell in 32 countries through huge retailers like Amazon and Selfridges. We particularly love that the cups break even with disposables after just 15 uses, including energy manufacture and use.

Suzanne Themps, European General Manager at KeepCup, says: “The disposable cup debate is a huge opportunity for us to continue to educate coffee enthusiasts on the benefits of reusing rather than recycling, and position KeepCup as a sustainable solution to the issue here in the UK. Kin&Co’s passion for the subject and clear understanding of our brand stood out from the get go and we felt we could trust them over anyone else we spoke to.”

Now is such an important time in the single use packaging arena and this is a huge opportunity to move the needle – one of our core company values – on the issue. We can’t wait to get started!