Reflecting on Kin&Co’s Impact

13th Feb 2024

As 2024 kicks into gear, it’s time to pause and reflect on Kin&Co’s 2023. For our team, everything starts with our purpose of ‘making organisations work for the world’.

We do this by helping our clients use purpose, culture and behaviour change to solve problems, create long term value for their stakeholders, supercharge performance, innovate, save costs, deliver on their strategy and build a sustainable, healthy and equal world.

As a team, we are proud that we do this through the inclusive, human, and playful experiences we create, which our clients tell us are unlike any other consultancy they’ve met.

As one of our big infrastructure clients said:
“You bring something so fresh and different and it’s exactly what we need”.

We are so grateful to our clients and community for partnering with us last year. To everyone who has worked to bring some joy and laughter into their culture, tried new things, experimented with a new behaviour, spoken-and-listened-up, become a culture champion, or who has been courageous and role-modelled a new way to work – thank you! Here’s to more change in 2024!

Let’s dive into some snapshots of what our team has delivered together.

Global Influence and Engagement

Worldwide Reach:

In 2023, we delivered change in more than 20 countries. From scaling, growth or strategic change, to restructures, M&As or digital transformations – we have delivered on the need for culture and behaviour change that underpins every organisational change on a global scale. 

Direct Involvement in Culture Co-Creation: 

As our client at a global manufacturing organisation said “co-creation is a powerful methodology for culture change and shows you are serious about doing things in a new way.”

With over 11,000 people engaged in co-creating thriving organisational cultures, we’ve seen thousands of people who are actively invested in making their companies more productive, more agile, more collaborative and more innovative. Beyond the numbers – it’s about real human connections, trust, engagement, loyalty and the shared pursuit of purposeful impact.

Sector-wide Impact and Leadership

Driving Behavioural Change Across Sectors:

“Whilst the sectors we work with are incredibly diverse, the people and culture challenges businesses face are remarkably similar.” Emma Woodhead White, our Director of Consulting, says: “From change fatigue, talent retention, intergenerational challenges, burnout and purpose stasis to more systemic issues like dysfunctional leadership and poor conduct. There is so much opportunity for our clients to learn from those outside of their industry.” 

In 2023, our reach spanned over 15 diverse sectors, including finance, travel, energy, and hospitality, with some brilliant global brands

As one of our large engineering clients noted:

“90 percent of people taking part in behavioural pilots feel energised and excited about being part of the journey to raise the bar for the industry by finding new and better ways of working together”.

Upskilling Leaders for Cultural Change: 

A highlight of 2023 was upskilling thousands of leaders to become champions of culture change. By role modelling the values, mindsets and behaviours that drive trust, psychological safety, experimentation, creativity ownership and entrepreneurialism – these leaders are creating the cultural conditions that will set their organisations apart.

As one global Non-Profit Board Director said about their experience with us, “Kin&Co helped us foster collaboration, accountability, unity, and a focus on excellence.”

Measurable Business Benefits

Innovative Time-Saving Solutions: 

“We know through applied science that making impact with behavioural experiments is really about tapping into the motivations of those involved.” said James Warne, Associate Director, Kin&Co, “We ground the group’s experiments in live, operational, and very real challenges they’re facing, and then give them the space to think about these in a different way, using a behavioural lens. It isn’t just about the benefits of a one-time experiment either, they leave with a problem-solving framework that can be reapplied again and again”

Through behavioural science-backed approaches that incorporate fun and play, we’ve found innovative ways to save teams thousands of hours. This achievement isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about creating space for creativity, well-being, and strategic thinking. The ROI benefit is seen on the bottom line.

Continued Commitment to Purpose

Proudly Recertified as a B Corporation: 

“At Kin&Co we are working hard to build a new kind of consultancy – that puts Purpose, values, equity, wellbeing and sustainability at the heart of our business. There is always more to learn, and more to do, and we are grateful to the B-Corp community for supporting us to learn, raise the bar and be part of a movement for change”. Becky Hewitt, CEO, Kin&Co

Our recertification as a B Corporation for the second consecutive year is a badge we wear with pride. It symbolises our dedication to balancing purpose with profit, aligning with a global community of like-minded organisations.