Time is ticking and employees and consumers are expecting businesses to act on climate change now. Read our latest research on the climate emergency here, alongside our guide to getting started on your sustainability journey.

Why should businesses act now?

Public concern about climate change is at a record high, and our latest research shows that businesses are facing mounting pressure to act from their customers and employees.

Thanks to a number of high-profile campaigns, including Extinction Rebellion, this April the term ‘Climate Change’ saw the highest number of Google searches since the December 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference, and the most media articles written on the subject in any month of the last decade. It’s now considered by the public to be one of the top issues facing the country, on a par with the economy.

In our brand new poll, over two-thirds of the UK population claim climate change is an ‘urgent issue’ for brands and 60% say the responsibility for climate change sits with CEOs. Over half would like their favourite brands to declare a climate emergency.

The issue is being compared to that of single-use plastics in 2018, which led to 53% of consumers saying they had changed their habits as a result, and many companies taking action in response to public pressure. Indeed, a third of people say that since the recent activity on climate change, they have already switched at least one of the products they buy to a more sustainable brand.

The employee pressure is particularly serious, with over a third saying they want their employer to do more to tackle climate change and a similar number saying they would have greater respect for their CEO if they declared a climate emergency.

The science is clear and the need for action is unavoidable. Is your organisation set up to respond to one of the most urgent issues of our time? If you’re unsure where to start, we’re here to help. Come and meet us for a chat and we can help you plan for a positive future.