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If you asked the average British millennial ‘what the EU has ever done for them’ (Monty P accent optional) you would most likely be met with confusion. This is despite the fact that most UK under-30s (73% to be exact) want to stay ‘IN’. Petty political bickering has muddied the issue’s waters, making it harder for young people to separate facts from farce. But de-mystifying the details of the EU’s accomplishments is vital for galvanising the Gen Z pro-Europe movement, and, ultimately, for bypassing Brexit. We Are Europe, a new ‘IN’ campaign run by young people for young people, is going to do just that.

With a killer combination of motivating mantras and super shareable graphics, the We Are Europe campaign is a breath of fresh air to 20-somethings like me. The ten key reasons for staying in are not only clear, but also personalised. It’s our ability to travel, our clean air and our right to love that We Are Europe is fighting for here. It’s the total antithesis to Dave’s sterile white pamphlet.

For me a Brexit-pocalypse would mean losing Euro friends, who’ll be forced to move back to the continent, as well as the ability to travel easily to visit them. Those soul-enriching last-minute long-weekends, made possible by the lack of visa restrictions, would be gone too.  It’s harder to envisage the direct impact that ‘Leave’ will have on our environment, but I know that my favourite Norfolk beach is cleaner today thanks to EU legislation. And without EU laws, LGBT and women’s rights (topics I am hugely passionate about) would be nowhere near as advanced.

Not only does We Are Europe take into account all of my concerns (and more!) it also actively invites young people to bring forward any questions about what the EU means for them. It’s inclusive in a way that the OWMO* political club isn’t. After all, it is my generation that will have to live with the outcomes of the referendum. Finally, in We Are Europe, we have a movement that represents our voice, our needs and our future.

*Old White Men Only

Blog post written by Izzy Talks