Upskill your leaders to role-model the culture you want to see.

Aligning your leaders around a shared ambition for purpose, values and behaviours is critical to any successful transformation. And upskilling your leaders to role-model the changes you want to see is even more fundamental – to build belief from the ground up, avoid change fatigue and keep employees, customers and shareholders with you.
We help leaders to be more effective by upskiling them to lead with purpose, visibly role model values and behaviours and hold one another to account. Through ambition-setting, skills building, listening and coaching, we create purpose-driven leaders at scale and accelerate performance where it’s needed most.

Questions we help you answer

How can we align our leadership group on the ambition for our Culture?
What kinds of behaviours do we need from leaders as we scale and transform?
How can we address the dysfunction in our leadership group and get them working more effectively?
How can we support our leaders to lead their teams with more trust and autonomy, and less command and control?

Specific services we offer

Culture Vision

Cultural Leadership

Leadership Coaching

How we build Leadership differently

We nudge don’t judge and meet people where they’re at

Meaning you get… Leaders who feel seen and treated as individuals

We bring disparate leaders together to co-create new ways of working

Meaning you get… Increased ownership and accountability

We make it fun, playful and inclusive

Meaning you get…

An immediate boost in energy and connection

Why we do it

43% of employees attribute their stress to their line manager. 20% of employees have left a job because of stress.

Where trust is high, employees are 50% more productive, 76% more engaged, and experience an average of 74% lower stress levels.

72% of workers empowered to make decisions on their own are satisfied with their jobs, compared to just 26% of employees who aren’t able to do anything without being told first


“Collectively, we are VERY impressed with how much Kin&Co accomplished in a VERY short period of time. And we love that you uncovered even more than we asked for.”

April Callahan
Senior Director, Leadership Communications, Coca-Cola

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