We Are Europe

We Are Europe was formed by a group of friends – including our CEO Rosie Warin – to increase the number of young people voting remain for the UK’s Brexit vote.

With just 9 weeks till polling day and on a tight budget, we helped develop the strategic approach, brand, campaign structure and tactical content – then delivered on chosen tactics that needed amplification. These including the globally viral Kiss of Death mural (pictured) and the #Don’tF**kMyFuture videos with Keira Knightly and Lily Cole. We also ran the campaign press office, influencing campaign donors and building credibility.

Of course, the vote didn’t go our way, but we know we had a significant impact on voting behaviour. We achieved over 190 pieces of coverage reaching 79 million UK adults, and the ‘Kiss of Death’ was seen by 8.6m under 35s, with 43% saying it had encouraged them to vote remain. Only 32% of young people were predicted to vote in the referendum, but a record breaking 68% turned up.

The campaign won silver for Best Use of Content at PR Week Awards 2016 and won The Drum’s “Marketing Can Change the World” Best PR Strategy Award.

What they said about us

Kin&Co were honestly amazing. The team were a pleasure to work with, and they achieved remarkable results in such a short and pressured time. From making our content go viral all over the world, to whipping the complex and chaotic into a clear strategy, to keeping calm and positive in a crisis – their work did wonders to amplify the We Are Europe campaign. I’ve worked with many agencies over the years, but this team really stands out
Jonathan Porritt
Forum for the Future


We know that many organisations have started planning their diversity, inclusion and belonging strategy. Alongside designing Inclusion and Belonging strategies, some of our services in this area include:

  • Inclusive ‘listening’ activities to surface the barriers to belonging
    Co-creating behaviour-change-led action plans to build a culture of belonging
  • Making networks work – setting up effective networks that have a long-term impact
  • Power to you – behaviour change training for networks, allies and ambassadors on using your voice to create change


If you need fresh thinking and an outside-in perspective, please do get in touch on info@kinandco.com.



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