Building a high performing team culture

Industry : Telecommunications
Company size : 98000
When Openreach’s Fibre Network Delivery underwent a restructure, they asked for our support in helping them cut through 100-year-old bureaucracy and shift to a more agile, empowered and purpose-driven way of working.

We started by uniting their leaders around a broad vision for what their culture needed to be, whilst up-skilling them to begin immediately role-modelling this to their teams, building belief in the change. We then brought together 1,500+ employees, contractors and union reps from both field and office to define everyday ways of working needed to create their new culture. Finally, we developed targeted behavioural experiments around key aspects of their desired culture, driving measurable increases in team productivity, empowerment, revenue and customer satisfaction.
The Outcomes
Measurably improved team and business performance
Award-winning impact that benefitted teams and customers
Increased organisation ownership over and pride in a new culture
Increase in revenue
Increase in productivity
Increase in Customer Net Promoter score
The Strategic Difference
We upskilled leaders to take bold and visible strategic actions, paired with meaningful behaviour shifts that mirrored the desired culture at all levels.
We built belief in the change across frontline teams by giving them an opportunity to experiment with the new ways of working.
We designed and tested science-based, measurable behavioural experiments to activate the desired culture, co-created with teams to ensure the change would stick.

“Kin&Co beat some of the biggest and best consultancies in the world to work with us — and it’s easy to see why. In just a few months of working with Kin&Co, there was a significant and measurable difference in our culture. They’ve been a breath of fresh air, unlike any other consultancy I’ve worked with. Their work will change how we do business forever”

Kevin Murphy
Managing Director,
BT Openreach

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