Heathrow has an industry-leading sustainability strategy in Heathrow 2.0. However, outside of the Sustainability Team and particularly across the large numbers of operational staff working at Heathrow, this vision was not clearly understood, and most did not see its relevance to them or their role in delivering upon it.

We knew that the only way Heathrow 2.0’s ambitious targets could be met was by mobilising a network of advocates at every level across Heathrow, who could help their peers understand what Heathrow 2.0 meant in their own roles, and practically what they could do to help deliver it. Heathrow already had a network of Sustainability Ambassadors, but they were disparate and felt as though they did not have the support or power to be able to create real change.
We worked with this group to review the role of the network, co-create a refreshed version of their roles with them, giving them the power to operate as they saw fit. We provided them with best practice training from us and leaders from other organisations who had been through similar processes, inspiring them to take the best from others and create a solution unique to Heathrow. And we created a simple, clear set of messaging that the group could use to help everyone – no matter their role – understand what Heathrow 2.0 meant for them.

As a result of this work, the group’s sense of having a common cause doubled, their clarity over their role as a network increased by 25%, their optimism about their ability to create change was consistently at over 4 out of 5. The foundations had been laid for a bottom-up sustainability movement within Heathrow.

What they said about us

The Kin&Co team have already proved their value and more. Their strategic, big-picture thinking has helped us see how to leverage sustainability and culture to meet our broader objectives. This project will be instrumental in delivering our long-term strategy and in ensuring it’s owned by employees across the business.
Becky Coffin
Head of Sustainability


We know that many organisations have started planning their diversity, inclusion and belonging strategy. Alongside designing Inclusion and Belonging strategies, some of our services in this area include:

  • Inclusive ‘listening’ activities to surface the barriers to belonging
    Co-creating behaviour-change-led action plans to build a culture of belonging
  • Making networks work – setting up effective networks that have a long-term impact
  • Power to you – behaviour change training for networks, allies and ambassadors on using your voice to create change


If you need fresh thinking and an outside-in perspective, please do get in touch on info@kinandco.com.




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