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How do you create a brand that represents who you really are? That was the challenge facing BWB, a professional services consultancy and legal practice recognised and respected for pioneering charity law work. With decades of experience and legacy, a community of clients from both the commercial and non-profit sectors, and an expanding range of services encompassing but not limited to law, it seemed impossible to create a brand identity that would say it all.

Thankfully, BWB don’t back down at the impossible, and neither do we. We recommended taking a step to identify what binds this multifaceted pioneer of legal talent together. We designed a programme of listening and engagement at all levels of the business  to help them to identify two things – what they stand for (Purpose), and the culture that would help them get there (Values).

The results defied expectations. We engaged 40% of their people in the poll stage and 100% of partners agreed the Purpose and Values were true and authentic to them – not bad for a group of lawyers trained to scrutinise the details. After the launch of the Purpose & Values, we saw partners’ excitement about the future of BWB double. Now that they have a strong foundation to build on, forming the brand identity is the next step and BWB is more than ready to take it.

What they said about us

We’ve always had a strong sense of purpose at BWB, but it was Kin&Co that finally helped us put it into words. With their attentive and interactive facilitation, we saw the kind of employee engagement it would have been impossible to achieve alone. The purpose & values Kin&Co helped us find just feel like BWB through and through – even the most cynical among us have become champions for them, and we’re a tough audience to win round!
Martin Bunch
Managing Partner
Bates Wells Braithwate


We know that many organisations have started planning their diversity, inclusion and belonging strategy. Alongside designing Inclusion and Belonging strategies, some of our services in this area include:

  • Inclusive ‘listening’ activities to surface the barriers to belonging
    Co-creating behaviour-change-led action plans to build a culture of belonging
  • Making networks work – setting up effective networks that have a long-term impact
  • Power to you – behaviour change training for networks, allies and ambassadors on using your voice to create change


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