Purpose: does the charity sector need to up its game?

Since its inception, the concept of ‘purpose’ has been predominantly reserved for the private sectors. It’s now common rhetoric used to help brands unify around a common goal – something that goes far beyond profit. But, what we’re seeing from our clients and contacts is that this concept is becoming far more common amongst the […]

Modern Day Wisdom #4: Acting like a (Churchill’s) pig

Guest post by Robbie Warin. We live in a world where companies are no longer closed books, but glass boxes open for inspection by the wider world. Take Uber’s ex-CEO Travis Kalanick, fired after a culture of bullying and sexism was exposed when a staff member’s blog post went viral. Think you can keep it […]

The Culture Within

Guest post by Robbie Warin. Next week sees the return of Kin&Co’s Modern Day Wisdom series with ‘The Culture Within’, featuring speakers from ice cream gods Ben&Jerry’s, consumer goods behemoth Danone, purveyors of good quality ready meals Cook, and the public interest focused law firm Bates Wells Braithwaite. We’ll be focusing on stories about companies […]

Moving the needle on recycling through behaviour change

A version of this story originally appeared as a PR Week Article. Kin&Co and Net Natives have been appointed by Hampshire County Council to deliver a long-term behaviour change project to improve recycling rates across the county. Set to initially take place over a two-year period, it will be based on a comprehensive understanding of what […]

Lost in transition? Surviving mergers, de-mergers and new CEOs through Purpose

There are some words in the business world guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of the most stalwart and experienced HR teams. Deploying them in even whispered terms can risk sending them into feverish murmuring, palpitations and surreptitious LinkedIn profile updates. And no, we’re not talking about ‘employee tribunals’ (this time). New CEO. Merger. […]

Dont have a cow, man!

Post by Jacqueline Culleton Don’t have a cow, man! – Bart Simpson   Kentucky Steamed Chickpeas, anyone? No? Okay, what about a Tofu Bell? Okay, we’re not quite there yet, but in the last series of The Simpsons, we are. In an episode called ‘Fatzcarraldo’, Homer goes from one fast food joint to another in […]

What Okja can teach us about diversity

Okja, the monumental original Netflix film about a young Korean girl, her magic super-pig best friend and an evil corporation that has sparked controversy at Cannes, just might be the most exciting release of the year so far. Okja uses the narrative of an exhilarating sci-fi fantasy to ask serious questions about the brutal realities […]

Will robots take the human out of HR?

Seeing the shift towards automation as the key to unlocking true human potential, not a threat. AI has permeated almost every corner of modern business, and people management is no exception. From the screening process to professional development and performance management, it’s no wonder HR ranked 13th on a list of business functions most impacted […]

It’s not all doom and gloom

Celebrating the organisations fighting for a better future for all— by challenging the status quo, bringing a range of voices into the dialogue, and ripping up the rule book. Following the recent, devastating events in our communities and across the world— and the ensuing discourse— it feels like everyone we speak to is somewhat dispirited […]

Walking the talk in Portugal – Interdependence as a force for good

Leaving behind the (unusually) sweltering temperatures of London, I hopped on a plane to spend a couple of days in Cascais, Portugal for the second B Corp Summer Summit. Kin&Co proudly certified as a B Corp in January of this year and with a growing number of B Corp clients, it was wonderful to take […]