COVID-19: Mitigating the People and Culture Risks

The emergence of Covid-19 has turned business on its head. Whilst some are already laying off thousands or going into administration, many are still working out how to address this unfamiliar situation.

Five top tips from Modern Day Wisdom #9: Taking Purpose Beyond Straplines

It seems like “purpose” is everywhere at the moment; from executives to board members, everyone wants a piece of it. By putting purpose at the core of their organisations, businesses are reaping the rewards in their culture, their impact on the planet and their bottom line. But how do you embed purpose authentically and truly […]

We live in uncertain times. How can businesses survive – and thrive?


With less than a year to go until Brexit, what comes next is anyone’s guess. This ongoing uncertainty is taking its toll on business. Employees are worried and disengaged. Here’s why having a clear sense of purpose is your best employee engagement tool. “It is hard to overstate what a dramatic impact the current political […]

Purpose eh? How Canada can lead the way

Author: Rosie Warin, CEO of Kin&Co Today marks an exciting milestone for Kin&Co — and arguably for Canada. We’re propelling the purpose movement in Canada as Kin&Co launches its first global office, across the pond. And I’m leading the charge. Why Canada I hear you say? Well first off, Canadians are quite lovely. No I don’t […]

We’re on the hunt for an incredible intern!

Are you looking for an organisation with values you share, somewhere to kick start your career (or to kick start a change in direction)? Somewhere you will have autonomy and the opportunity to make a real, positive impact? We are looking for a tenacious, fiercely organised and driven intern to join our team; someone with […]

New Report: It’s official: businesses are f**king up purpose

Everyone wants a piece of purpose but many are getting it badly wrong. Here are the pitfalls, the common mistakes and how to jump on board without going under the wheels. Read our report here.   Kin&Co’s research is a wake-up call to purpose-driven business leaders Think you’re doing purpose well? So do most leaders. […]