Five ways to create an award-winning behaviour change communications campaign

Everyone at Kin&Co was flush with pride this week after we scooped a PR Moment Award for our behaviour change work with Hampshire County Council, tackling falling recycling rates across the county. The year-long campaign broke new ground for the county and for the UK waste industry. It took a bold new approach in understanding […]

Why purpose must be at the heart of business strategy

Purpose matters. But if it’s to deliver on its promises, purpose must be authentic, strategic and lived throughout the organisation. Kin&Co Director, Sarah Holloway, explains how businesses avoid paying lip service to purpose, and instead harness its power to drive transformational change.

Charity Workshop – Culture; the Making or Breaking of the charity sector

Charities have traditionally been the leaders in meaningful work, but without unique, strong working cultures, coupled with the rise of purposeful brands, they’re haemorrhaging talent to the private sector. To follow up our research paper Culture: the Making or Breaking of the Charity sector earlier this year, we decided to open the discussion at a […]

The results are in: The charity sector is losing its meaning


Charities are supposed to be the leaders in meaningful work, but without unique purpose statements or good working cultures, they’re haemorrhaging talent to the private sector. Here’s why it’s happening and what can be done before it’s too late. Read the full report here.   Kin&Co’s research shows the true state of the charity sector […]

The business case for purpose

As presented by Rosie Warin, CEO of Kin&Co to open the Conference Board of Canada’s Business Un-usual Conference; how to profit from purpose.   Business as usual is no longer an option. Embedding a purpose beyond profit into your business is not only the right thing to do, it also makes financial sense too. But […]